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Chancellor, George Osborne has warned that more than 800,000 jobs could be at risk if the UK votes to leave the EU.

He warned that if the UK left the EU, the likelihood of a recession would significantly increase, which in turn , would lead to more than 820,000 jobs going. The latest warning comes after Treasury which analysed potential unemployment and decline in the overall value of property if the UK leaves the EU.

An increase in borrowing in the public sector would result in a number of redundancies and a recession could be triggered.

Speaking in the event of a “Leave” vote, Osborne stated that the punishment faced by the UK economy for an exit would be severe. In a statement he said: "With exactly one month to go until the referendum, the British people must ask themselves this question: can we knowingly vote for recession?

"And to those who say we should vote to leave, I'd say this: you might think the economic shock is a price worth paying. But it's not your wages that will be hit, it's not your livelihoods that will go, it's not you who will struggle to pay the bills.

"It's the working people of Britain who will pay the price if we leave the EU."

Factors such as the EU refusing to strike a deal with the EU after their exit would only intensify the situation according to those who gathered the figures.


Uber employees have taken legal action in an attempt to become employees of the controversial taxi company.

Currently under the contracts offered by Uber, those operating for Uber are self-employed contractors. However, an employee claim is seeking to change their status to employees of the company rather than such contractors. As a contractor, Uber were able to not have the same employment rights in place that other taxi companies had, thus leading competitors to claim that they had an advantage, especially regarding finances.


Unite have responded to the government’s proposal of changing the way that employees can legally strike by removing the clause preventing illegal striking from their rules.

The move comes following new plans to attempt to prevent crippling strikes in the Trade Unions Bill.


Five swimming centre managers have been dismissed after claims that staff were paid more overtime than colleagues at other sporting facilities. However, satff are set to take legal action citing unfair dismissal.

The dismissals come following a probe by Glasgow Life, Glasgow City Council, arms-length management organisation. The investigation found that 33% more overtime had been signed off at the Tollcross International Swimming Centre than any other Glasgow Life run site. The main issue was that the overtime was given when the pool was undergoing a £14-million refurbishment for the Commonwealth Games.


According to newly published figures, the number of people working for Glasgow City Council working on zero hour contracts has risen by 18% in a year. The numbers have led to severe criticism of the council with the organisation having “no contractual obligation to provide work".

The number of people on zero hour contracts now working for the government has risen to 1,689 people, up from 1,436 in the previous year.

The vast majority of those working for the council work in the employment sector with exam invigilators, classroom assistants and supply teachers all working with zero hour contracts.

As well as having some staff on such contracts, many of the city council’s “at arms length organisations” operate using zero hour contracts. Glasgow Life and Cordia both employ people on zero hours contracts, with the vast majority working in the hospitality and the "sports service" sectors.


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