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Important legislation now exists to prevent workers being discriminated against in the workplace. If you feel you have been discriminated against please call us today.



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Employment Law Glasgow

Glasgow Fitness Instructors take Legal Action over “Discriminatory Tax”

Freelance fitness instructors in Glasgow are taking legal action over a £100 charge to teach in Glasgow life facilities, which they deem to be discriminatory.

Glasgow Life instructors have been informed that they must pay the annual tax in order to continue to teach classes in the facilities offered by the organisation. However, despite this, a number of instructors are opting to take legal action against the charge.

Case Based on Employment Rights

It is understood that around 40 instructors have contacted solicitors about potentially taking legal action and that their action stems from their employment status. Some instructors have claimed that they do not have the correct employment rights and therefore should not be charged the proposed tax.

Solicitors operating on behalf of Glasgow Life stated the charge covers the costs of ensuring instructors have “appropriate insurance and qualifications and associated administrative costs.”

An employment solicitors representing some of the instructors who were attempting to take legal action said: “We are looking into this matter for a large number of coaches throughout Glasgow.

“Investigations are looking at the legal tests involved in determining their status.

“The £100 fee was the catalyst but we are now looking at matters more broadly.

Many instructors believe that the charge proposed by Glasgow Life could be seen as discriminatory with freelance instructors stating that as full time staff would be charged the same rate to use the facilities, it is a direct tax on freelance workers.

Despite the criticism of the charge, a spokesman for Glasgow Life said it would be “inappropriate” to comment on any potential legal proceedings at this stage.

He said: “The new annual Service Provider Agreement covers the costs of ensuring that all self-employed instructors and coaches have the appropriate insurance and qualifications, performance monitoring of classes and associated administrative costs.

“It also covers licence fees for delivery of specific programmes and classes including, in some cases, the use of our Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) licence."

Glasgow Life has been tasked with making savings of £2.4million before 2018.

Discrimination in the Workplace: Why Do I Need a Solicitor?

If you believe you have been discriminated against in the workplace or mistreated due to your contract status, you could be entitled to take legal action.

Many people believe that if they have been discriminated against in the workplace then they will automatically be entitled to compensation. However, making such a claim can be exceptionally difficult especially if the accused party does not admit liability or denies all charges. Therefore, it is exceptionally beneficial to enlist the help and support of a skilled solicitor when making a discrimination claim as they will be able to use the evidence you provide as well as their experience and expertise to give you the best possible advice and representation. Employment claims do not always end in court but can be resolved through the court process but can be solved via a settlement agreement. Such agreements offer a cash settlement in exchange for the conclusion of the legal action. However, such cases are legally binding once signed, therefore, it is worth having an experienced solicitor who can give you the best advice about how much your claim could be worth.

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