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There are a lot of rules regarding Equal Pay for employers operating in the UK, and all of these are contained in the Equality Act 2010. Employers are required to pay both their male and female employees the same level of pay, where they are engaged in "like work". The law also requires that men and women are paid the same where they are involved in work that requires the same level of effort or kinds of skills, known in law, as work of equal value. If you believe that you are not being paid the level of pay that you are entitled to, then you may have an Equal Pay claim.

Equal Pay Claims

If someone is concerned that they are not being given the level of pay that they are entitled to, the Equality Act 2010 permits them to raise this concern with their employer and receive details of how their level of pay has been decided. An employee may use this information to find out if they are paid less well than colleagues that are involved in "like work" or work that involves the same kind of skills or level of effort. There are some restrictions however, as employees are not allowed to actively discuss the matter together in the workplace, to try and identify a lacking in equal pay.

Employees are assigned some time to investigate whether or not their employer is not meeting their equal pay obligations. This is also the case if an individual has left an employer, provided that they bring any claim of Equal Pay within 6 years of their having left employment with that particular employer. Equal Pay claims are complex, and not all claims will be able to be realised. Where an employer is able to give a justifiable reason for a difference in pay between male and female employees that are involved in "like work" or work that requires the same kind of skills or effort that is not based on gender, they may not be found to have broken the law.

Equal Pay Glasgow

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