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For most people, being in employment often ranks high on their list of priorities. A job gives people purpose, and a salary allows them to meet the many costs of daily life. The framework of the employment relationship; salary; hours of work; job description; and holiday entitlement are among many of the things that should be included in an employment contract.

Wage Loss Claims

There are limited ways in which an employer can remove some of an employee's salary. It is generally the case that if someone is an employee, their employer will have the responsibility of deducting the appropriate tax and national insurance sums from their staff's monthly salary payments. These deductions will be shown very clearly on an employee's payslip.

However in the context of being in employment, there may be instances where an employee notices that there have been some reductions in their monthly salary, beyond the requirements to pay tax and national insurance. If you are an employee and you come across a change in the deductions from your salary, you may become quite concerned. Understandably, many employees are nervous about approaching their employers regarding such deductions. Nonetheless, we would always advise employees to bring this to the attention of their employers as soon as possible. It is not unusual that mistakes have been made, and extra deductions from salaries have been the result. If an employee speaks to their employee directly about this, minor mistakes can be addressed quickly.

Wage Loss Glasgow

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